S16: Advanced modelling techniques: scale bridging

Varvara Kouznetsova (TU Eindhoven, The Netherlands) V.G.Kouznetsova@tue.nl
Jonathan Amodeo (INSA Lyon, France) jonathan.amodeo@insa-lyon.fr

Multi-scale techniques and scale bridging play a key role in connecting the macroscopic behaviour of materials directly to the material microstructure and elementary deformation processes. Many different classes of scale bridging methods have been developed for this purpose, from the atoms to the continuum scale. These generally involve multiple disciplines, e.g., engineering, computational mechanics, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and so on.

This session is intended as a forum for bringing together scientists from different disciplines working on multi-scale techniques and scale-bridging problems in mechanics of materials, including both spatial, as well as temporal scales.

The topics to be addressed in this session include (but are not limited to):

  • homogenization-based methods, e.g. mathematical homogenization, computational homogenization etc.
  • atomistic-to-continuum coupling methods (e.g. the quasi-continuum method)
  • dislocation Dynamics based methods (e.g. DD-FEM coupling)
  • embedded domain methods, domain decomposition methods, global-local techniques
  • heterogeneous multi-scale method (HMM), equation-free method
  • coarse graining methods
  • atomic time scale extension techniques
  • methods for phenomena with (partially) non-separating scales, e.g. localization, damage and fracture or transient phenomena
  • methods for coupled multi-field phenomena (e.g. thermo-chemo-electro-mechanical etc.)
  • model reduction techniques and reduction of computational costs associated with multiscale algorithms
  • Important Dates

    • October 1, 2019
      Beginning of abstract submission

    • December 16, 2019
      Abstract submission (extended deadline)

    • January 30, 2020
      Abstract acceptance notification

    • March 15, 2020
      Last Registration for presenting authors

    • May 27-29, 2020
      EMMC 17 Conference

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